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How long does ironport wsa cache ad credentials at a workstation?

Here is an issue.


Say a person logs onto a workstation with limited internet access.  Almost all internet sites are blocked per company policy.  They log off the computer and another individual logs into the workstation.  This individual should have internet access with a different policy.  However the Ironport still thinks the last person is logged in, so they cannot access anything on the internet.


How do you circumvent this issue?

We have an S160 running 7.5.2-304 and we are a Microsoft Windows organization.

Under Security Services > End User Notification, we redirect the blocked notification page to a custom one on another server/ironport/stop.asp.  We had to remove the reauthenticate user button because either it wouldn't always come up anyway, or we would get http 500 server errors.  So how else can I reauthenticate the user?

Who Me Too'd this topic