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PI2.2 device syncing forever, cant delete

Level 4
Level 4


there is an unresolveable deadlock with new discovered devices stuck in syncing state, see attached screenshot.
After try to delete them, "Cant delete ..., check ifm_inventory.log for details" will return. So we did:
1. rebooted NCS, because lots of "Cache status: false." found in ifm_inventory.log => no improvement
2. starting with a fresh installation, the problem reoccours. Just a little bit more devices get to a final Managed state.

Discovery thread setting kept to standard. All devices in Syncing forever state are supported: 3560, 3750, 4500, 4510
Only one special circumstance:
This customer is not allowed for cli-access (SSH,Telnet) to the devices, so we need to settle for SNMP access only.
What can we do?


Who Me Too'd this topic