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Definition Of Feasible Distance In EIGRP Convergence

Level 1
Level 1

i have some problems with understanding  the definition of feasible distance in EIGRP Convergence
 this book "CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Official Cert Guide" said:

<<<Feasible Distance (FD): Integer metric for the route, from the local router’s perspective, used
by the local router to choose the best route for that prefix.>>>>

But my teacher said the book definition is not correct for feasible distance
 this definition is for computed distance

and he said that  there is a difference between these two definitions
for example
there is 2 path for R1 to reach subnet
from R2 by computed distance 435200 and reported distance 409600
from R3 by computed distance 448512 and reported distance 422912
and feasible distance is 435200
and the second link is feasible successor because Reported Distance  is less than Computed Distance of best route

then he changed the delay of the Successor interface from 1000 to 500
now computed distance and feasible distance for successor became 422400
and again he changed the delay of interface to 1000 
but this time the computed distance became 435200 But the feasible distance remained the same as before "22400"

And he said the correct definition of Feasible Distance is:
The best or minimum Metric that can be , NOT the best or minimum metric that it is now

Is this definition is correct????????

Who Me Too'd this topic