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MPO Cable for CPAK SR10 to NCS-PP-100x10-SR


Im getting a little confused with MPO cables, polarity, gender, key up,.key down etc..

I need to connect a CPAK 100GBASE-SR10 on ASR9k to a NCS panel NCS-PP-100x10-SR basically to breakout the CPAK to 10 x 10GE SR ports via the NCS panel

From datasheets and on inspection of the ports its clear that the ports are male (with pins) therefore the patch cord needs to be female.

The confusing part is the polarity. I believe polarity A is required since a straight connection between CPAK and NCS PP is needed as the fibre patch cord from the PP to the 10G port on the router connecting to the CPAK swaps A and B ports as any standard fibre patch cord would do.

Polarity A specifies KEY UP on one side and KEY DOWN on the other if I get this right, however again inspecting the ports on CPAK and NCS panel seem to have a KEY UP on either side, implying a polarity B MPO cable not polarity A, hence the confusion.

Would be great if anyone can demystify :)



Who Me Too'd this topic