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"DNS Resolution failure" in "Operations > Report > Audit > Operational Audit"

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello team,

I configured two ISEs(ise-03.domain.local, and ise-04.domain.local) to make distributed deployment.

The deployment modes is redundant. ise-03(Primary PAN, Primary Mnt) and ise-04(Secondary PAN, Secondary MnT).

There is no DNS server in my setup, thus I configured IP address and hostame binding information using "ip host" command like;


ip host ise-04 ise-04.domain.local


ip host ise-03 ise-03.domain.local

Currently, everything works fine in my setup but for error message "DNS resolution failed for the hostname ise-04.domain.local#012domain.local against the currently configured name servers." is generated in "Operations > Report > Audit > Operational Audit".

I attached screenshot of the error.


It seems that this message would be generated if ISE deployment is configured without DNS server, and can be ignored if there is no DNS server in network.

Could you please let me know if my understanding is correct or not?

Best Regards,

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