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AP1850 unable to convert to mobility-express mode

Marwan Ruslan

I have 3  a new Access Points AIR-AP1852E-E-K9,


I am trying to transfer to mobility-express mode but it is show me the following error:


AP0CD0.F80C.1E70#ap-type mobility-express tftp://
Starting the ME image download...
It may take a few minutes to finish download.
If it is longer, please abort command, check network connection and try again


curl: (28) TFTP response timeout
transfer command failed
Image transfer failed. Please try again



1) move files by tftp Server working well (tested with Cisco Switch 2960)

2) Wired0 Interface UP and ping able with tftp server

3) firewall disabled in tftp Server

4) after initialize command taken around 3 Minutes then give me that error

5) AP continuously rebooting (connected by POE to Cisco Switch 2960)

Who Me Too'd this topic