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Voicemail login issue on Jabber with SSO

Hello All,


I seem to have a strange issue, we have an environment that is SSO enabled, both CUCM/IMP and CUC. You can log into Jabber without any issues and every service connects except CUC, which is still asking me for a username and password in jabber settings.


When I check jabber logs I can see that it actually connects to CUC via SSO successfully in the background, but within the client it is still asking me for the account. As far as I know (checked on a working system), the account settings for CUC should not even be present in a jabber deployment that uses SSO.


The users for CUC are LDAP synchronized, if that makes any difference. I can also log into the CUC web inbox from a browser on the machine running the jabber client and I can't really see anything that look like blocked connections in wireshark.





Who Me Too'd this topic