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Airplay won't work on WRVS4400N

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Apple AirPlay won't work on AppleTV (from neither computer nor iPhone) with my new Cisco small busines router WRVS4400N.  It was working just fine on old consumer level linksys router.  Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution?  I have spent 3 hours with Apple support to no avail.  Apple TV works fine on internet functions (netflix, YouTube, etc.) and I can play music and videos from the cloud, but iPhone and computer can't connect to AppleTV even though the icons appear in iPhone and Computer... just can't establish a connection.

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HI Lynda,

Please disable WMM under the wireless settings on the router.  Let me know if this works for you.


Jason Nickle

Thanks Jason! 

Actually, there is another setting that also must be disabled.

The two settings that we disabled were:

As you said, disabling the WMM (for each SSID, incase you have more than one)

AND, "Wireless Isolation within SSID" (QoS setting) must also be disabled.

Now it's working GREAT.  OMG, hours and hours of trial and error and pain.

I hope this helps others since I found tons of posts on the web (and in Apple) but no workable solutions.

Thanks for responding!!!!

Big thank you to Jason and Lynda and hugs (politically correct)  for posting your "detailed" problem with the router info in the search) and the detailed solution. 

I was about to give up on Airplay and then stumbled accross your solution. 

Using a Klipsch G17 and it sounds great.

Thank both of very very much!!


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