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Cisco RV180 needs help..buyers beware.

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So for a while now, we have used the Linksys (Cisco) RVS4000 Small BUsiness routers at our business and have had great success.  We opened a new location, and went to buy more, only to find out, they no longer make them, and have been replaced by the Cisco RV180 routers.  Figuring these will work as seemess as the others, we bought some. 

Wow, was I wrong.  Using mainly the default settings, we are having major connection issues, mainly by our programs that are somehow timing out and having read/write delays.  I know it's the RV180 because I found an old backup RVS4000 Router, put it in place, and it works perfect.  Seeing that the last firmware update on this router is June of 2012, and reading the number of posts and problems with this Router, Cisco obviously doesn't give a rip that they have a piece of SH** out there they are selling, with no plan to make fixes and update firmware.  We have gone through these settings with a fine-toothed comb and turned off about every firewall and IPS setting there is, but no matter what we do, it still persists.


Until Cisco decides to get seious about their small business line, I will be buying D-link and Netgear routers, as they actually work.

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Hi Nagaraja,

If you look few posts above I wrote my SR number - SR 625082759 - you'll find there more information about my issue (packet captures and other details). Some informations are also available in this thread reported by other RV180 owners

Hello Kostas,

That issue is currently being tracked and our developers are working on fixing that behavior.



I've met same problem upgrading to All connections have router's IP instead of real external IP.

Nothing was solved it this release for me but another bug appears.

What about RMA? Is this possible with another model?

I'd like to know this too

No RMA I guess...

It's possible to RMA. Register SR for your device.