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Dynamic DNS with the RV220W?

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Level 1

I'm using a RV220W router, and recently got shifted to a dynamic IP solution.

Now, I've got a address, but the update service seems to be on So, I try to enter OR in the dynamic dns settings, under Host and Domain Name, but when saving the settings it says

'The hostname specified does not exist in this user account'

which seems to indicate that it manages to login to the update service but gets a negative reply.

Is it possible to use the RV220W with

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Te-Kai Liu
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Level 7


RV220W supports DynDNS and TZO currently. Is there a significant advantage of using the service offered by 

Well, the only significant advantage is that it is free, and that that DNS address is also what I have distributed to numerous consumers, so it is a bit of a hassle to change it (and sign up for any other provider). I'd also like to note that at another location I have a very cheap router which supports any provider, so it came as somewhat of a shock that the higher grade RV220W didn't.

Either I'm misinformed, or this is an unnecessary limitation from ciscos side - DDNS or RFC 2136 is a standardised protocol, so it should be possible to support all providers equally. A DDNS client is obviously implemented in the RV220W - so it should simply be a missing UI feature to enter the DDNS data directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read the message

Seems Im not alone with the same Problem, would be nice if it could be solved soon :/

Was already speaking to the customerservice, but couldn't get any solution.

Did you found a way to solve your Problem?

Thank you for reading and answering.

Greetings Oliver

Level 1
Level 1

Why has the RV110W the options to take accounts and the more recent RV220W has not?

I will not hesitate to change my router Hardware to a cheap model that does it job.

Even the VPN features are limitted. so its not possible to open an pptp tunnel to a VPN and share it to the local LAN.

Yea that is strange. I know the RV220w came out before the RV110w and the coding is pretty different between the two but don't see why the cheaper model has the feature over the more expensive model.

Other than that I would like to see as well more options for DDNS setup on the RV220w.. specially since isn't free anymore the last I checked.

Would probably help to open a case with Cisco small business support and request a feature request. If there is enough people requesting a certain feature they may look into adding it in a feature release.

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