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Help!!(RV220W) - Sudden reduced upload speed to FTP/NAS server!


Hi again!

In my last thread I had difficulties setting up acces to my FTP server through the RV220W router. After getting it to work, I faced a new issue of reduced upload speed. 240ish KB/S which is obviously redicilously slow.  After much toying around, I finally got it to work again, after doing a factory reset of the router. But today when I wanted to upload to my friends NAS, I suddenly am faced with reduced speeds yet again(400KB/S)!  :-(

I'm only using standard settings, with one firewallrule added, to allow acces to my FTP.  Other than that, I also enabled jumbo I tried disabling that again. But that did nothing.  Also tried disabling every firewall feature under "attack prevention" but, didn't seem to help either.

I did'nt reboot the router with each change, as that would make things take a lot longer....and didn't think it should be necessary?

I'm starting to get more and more tirred of using my RV220W....seems slow and buggy!   :-(

But hope somebody know about my problem or a fix/workaround at least!  Factory resetting seems only helping temporarely!  :-)


Ps: Oh, when I do a online speedtest, I get a 30Mb/30Mb down/upload rating, which matches the rating I pay my ISP for....just in case anybody would ask!  And I have a fiber connection.

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Dan Miley


so other devices on your network are working and getting good performance?

I would turn off jumbo frames, and make sure your MTU to the internet is the same as what your provider is giving you.  Jumbo frames will be fragmented going over the internet.

there are sites that will give your mtu, or you can run this cmd  to see where fragmentation happens, then set the wan MTU statically.

for /L %3 IN (1450,5,1500) DO ping -n 1 -l %3

Probably your WAN port is set correctly for speed and duplex (both sides should be the same auto-auto or 100full-100full).

on the LAN side, check speed and duplex on NAS and  port errors,

does the NAS have multiple NICs? 

verify the firmware is up to date on the NAS and the rv220w.

What is your topology, are there any switches between the nas and the rv?  any errors on it?

any errors on the NAS?

another test would be to use another FTP server (filezilla on a pc should do) give it the same address as the nas, then try to upload from that.  This will give you an idea of where the issue is, rv or nas...

you can also call into the sbsc support center and open a case if it's under warranty or contract.

866-606-1866 in the US. 

*(helpful hint, go to the web>support--> open a case (on the right), then call in with an existing case, it will save some time with getting an engineer)

hope it helps,


also, you say suddenly reduced performance.  does that mean it used to have good perf, and it changed, or has it always been this way?

if it was working OK, and is now slower, what changed...?

Hi Daniel and thanks for helping!   :-)

This is how I see it currently. People complained about low speed downloading from my FileZilla server and I could see the same reduced speed when down/or uploading to my different friends NAS'es.

I then finally got the rated speed(30/30) when I tried running the factury default option. I thought about what could be the issue, but as I am mostly just using the default settings with an added firewall rule for my FileZilla FTP and Jumbo Frames enabled, I obviously tried enabling Jumbo frames again. But noticed no reduction in speed(so I left it enabled)....right away. A week later(with no playing around with FTP/NAS). I tried uploading to my friend's NAS again...and noticed the problem had come back. So I quickly went in and disabled Jumbo frames again. But noticed no change in speed. THen tried disabling alle the firewall attack features. But still nothing.  So not sure what to go from there....I went in here and asked the "experts" yet again!  ;-)  I haven't done a factory default yet, as I want to figure out what is going want to troubleshoot while it's "failing".

I tried running your command, and it tells me that packets are successfully received when between 1450-1470bytes are transfered and 1475-1500bytes  it's all 100% loss in recieved packets.

I haven't tried yet, but you then suggest me to check that my MTU sized isn't set too big, correct(between 1450-1470)?

I have actually owned the RV220W for a couple years(no warranty anymore), but have just recently used it for FTP/NAS traffic, so yes, it could perhaps be something that have been going on for a long time, wihout me knowing about it!  :-)

I use latest firmware update for my RV220W and my PC is connected directly to the RV220W router, which is then connected to my fiberbox via wan. Haven't noticed(nor done specific test)speed reductions on my LAN didn't suspect anything wrong here. In another port on the RV220W I have a gigabit switch from Netgear connected which is used by my Xbox/popcornhour -media player/another PC....and havent noticed anything here.

Hope this was helpfull....don't have time to test more right know, but will do feel free to come with input/suggestions!  :-)


Since I wrote last time, I've tried restting to factory default to see if it rid me of the upload slowdown...but this time(and a couple more resets) it didn't work. And as the connection generally also seemed to become more and more unstable...I was thinking about throwing out the RV220W and refuse to buy Cisco products again!  :-)

However, just before doing so, I tried replacing the 220W unit with an older Netgear I had lying about...and STILL saw the reduced speed. Shit, I then exchanged the ethernet cable going to the WAN port and saw an imediate 3 fold speed increase in upload...well well, who would have thought that!  :-)

Another resetting and putting MTU size to 1492, and I currently am seing full upload speed again. The MTU default is supposed to be 1500 according to the menu, but 1492 was "greyed out" in the typing field....and I seem to get sligtly better performance vs 1500.  Any input regarding this?

Is there any benefit messing around with MTU size in windows 7?

I haven't done extensive testing yet, but everything have worked for a day now....but this is also just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about this thread!  ;-)


Okay, learned more since last wasn't the wan cable, as the problem quickly returned. It seems to be a "communication/setup" problem between my main PC and the 220W router. Using my Lenovo laptop, I see no problems...wether running wireless or cable.

I've found out, that I can restore upload speed by disabling and then re-enabling my NIC adaptor in windows 7. So my observations before, where I thought it was some special setting in the router, might just have been a NIC reset/refresh. Doing a reboot and the problem shows up again.

My main PC was upgraded with a new mainboard + CPU + RAM, couple months ago.  I'm now using a Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe mainboard with 2 nic's, one being Intel and the other being realtek. I'm using the Intel one(but have tried the realtek, to rule out the issue was with the Intel nic). CPU is a i7 3770k. and RAM config is a couple 2x8GB DDR3 Corsair modules.

Any known compatibility issues with Intel Z77 nic's and Cisco routers?

Before arriving a the above conclusion, I had tried swapping cables out and using diffrent ports on the RV220W. So, It's not a bad port thing. Tried changing the MTU size, but only got a slower/worse result(the nic is now currently on the standard 1500, and the router is 1492). Upload speed is 3.78MB/s max when directly connected to my isp fiber box and about 3.5MB/s max when running through the RV220W. When the performance drop happens, the upload speed mostly is in the 230-270KB/s ballpark...but varies, sometimes I've observed up to 1.4MB/s.

What could the problem be?  Input appreciated!   :-)

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