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NAT dilemma: Interface Serial 0

Level 1
Level 1

I have 1 inside host ( and 1 outside host (, separated by a T1. I only have access to local router, I do not have acces to far end router.

The outside host (, is expecting the inside host ( to look like the serial0 interface (, of the local router.

Traffic can orginate in either direction.(VoIP, SIP)

At the same time i need BGP to comunicate between local router serial0 (, and the remote router (,

The static NAT kills the BGP session, but VoIP works. "ip nat inside source static interface Serial0/0/0:0"

Inside dynamic NAT works in both directions and keeps BGP up "ip nat inside source list 7 interface serial 0 overload"


traffic originates from inside and while translation is in table.

Once translation expires, inbound from remote host does not NAT.

and of course the "ip nat translation timeout never" and "ip nat inside source list 104 interface Serial0/0/0:0 reversable" , which sound perfect, do not work.

Dynamic/Static NAT combo works perfect if i use the following:


ip nat inside source list 7 interface serial 0 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80

But i don't know how to handle the range of udp/tcp ports required.

I'm thinking "port-map" next, tsting now.


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