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RV042 V3 Problems with Login, DHCP

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Level 1

We have installed tons of RV042 routers, including many of the new V3 hardware versions.

On at least a couple of the new V3 hardware RV042s, I have seen strange behaviour:

1. The router requires you to login in (username and password) way too often.  Sometimes less than a minute after you log in.  This happens repeatedly and makes it difficult to configure.

2. After a period of time - a week, weeks, or a month or so, the following happens:

  A. I'm not able to log into the router with the web interface, and

  B. The router stops giving out IPs via DHCP.      

Despite the above, the router appears to continue to work properly in most regards.   Usually it's when a user says their laptop won't connect that I know I need to reboot the router - then it operates normally (except for #1 above, which always happens).

Since this seems to be a consistent problem we are going to RMA them but I was surprised not to hear about anyone else seeing this problem.

Anyone else witnessed this, or are we just really unlucky or doing something wrong?     

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Level 1

To follow up, we replaced one of the routers today and it's working fine.

Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Ensemble, there are not any documented issues with the routers locking up or UI issues. On all products, of course there is a bad apple here and there.

When you do have a router acting up, try to document the following;

  • How long has it been working?
  • Were there any network changes?
  • Has there been any complaints of odd behavior such as IP conflict errors, DNS issues, sluggish network traffic, etc
  • Any inclement weather or power issues such as T-Storm, blackout, brownout, surges, etc.
  • Check the history of the install location, did you have such problems at this site more than once?

In addition, a few things to do to the router;

  • Factory reset the unit, holding reset for 30 seconds
  • Upgrade / flash to the latest firmware release
  • Factory reset the unit after a firmware upgrade/flash
  • Try different internet browsers, such as IE 9 (compatibility view), Chrome, Firefox
  • Switch to a different computer, sometimes computers have so much cache, win catalog or DNS Flush issue
  • Verify you have a correct power adapter / power source, under volting the unit gives exactly the behavior you describe

I hope this helps out some. If you're running in to a large number of these routers having issues, it may be a localized issue.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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