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RV082 freezes every 2 hours when using ipsec tunnel



i have an ipsec tunnel between two rv082 routers. (1 v3 Hardware and the other with v2). On both devices are the latest firmware installed.

Everything working fine, the routers establish an ipsec connection but after about two hours, the router with hw version 3 freezes.... nor the wan neither der lan interface is pingable. I can only pull out the power cord. Below attached are the ipsec settings. It´s a Gateway to Gateway connection, has anyone suggestions?

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Dario - you should probably open a case on this one as there could be some kind of issue related to the hardware.

One thought I do have though - are the tunnels set to rekey every 2 hours? If it happens every 2 hours on the money, that coud be something to consider or tinker with to see if it improves the situation. And of course support can help you here as well...

David Carr
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Frequent Contributor


Based on what you have said, it seems like  there is hardware issues with the v3 router.  If the tunnel went down,  then we could focus on that, but since the whole device locks up it  seems as if something is not right with the router. 

Try  reflashing the firmware on the v3 router, then factory reset the router  and reconfigure it.  If it is still freezing up the lan and wan, I  would get a replacement either at the point of purchase or get a  replacement with Cisco Support Center.

I'm having the same issue. Router has been replaced, factory reset and configuration does not help. Runnung latest firmware.

Version 3 RV0xx devices?

I have a test by myself, Seems RV042 V3 firewall SPI function make VPN idle connection droped.

after I disable it. all VPN connection fine.

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Frequent Contributor


what firmware are you currently running on the RV0xx ? Also what is the end router you are making a IPSec tunnel too?


Dear Jasbryan

Both site RV042V3 I had updated to latest firmware already.

I had create a thread of this problem before.


Hi Joe.

I have the same issue with RV042 v3, latest firmware . It freezes about once a two day. It is pingable, but cannot connect WEB GUI.Need to replug power supply to reboot it.

Now I Changed setting of firewall fo Disable SPI, so I will see, if it solve problem. I will let You know.

Do You know, what is SPI good for?

Updated 28.11.2012:

Disabling SPI did not solve problem. Still freezing every one day.

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