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RV120W bridge wan to vlan

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Level 1

Hi, I need to configure a rv120w in order to make it work at the same time for data and digital tv. The fact is that the set top box for the idtv needs an IP adress that will be delivered directly from the ISP. So I need to setup one LAN port that will be bridged to the WLAN connection (the stb will be connected to that lan port), and another port that will be connected to the LAN swicth so that the rest of the network has internet access.

I can't see anywhere a way to create such a bridge. Quite disappointing as it's possible to do so on open source platforms such as openWRT...

Coul anyone help me ? Or tell me if there is any cisco router that could handle this ?



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Te-Kai Liu
Level 7
Level 7

RV120W supports 1-to-1 NAT, which allows computers in the LAN of RV120W to appear to have public IP addresses on the WAN side.

Hi Tekliu,

thanks for your answer... I'm not used with 1-to-1 NAT, could you explain a bit more ?

looking at the settings of the STB, it seems it receives a dynamic IP adress, mask, gateway and dns from the ISP that are totally different with the network settings that are applied to my router, so I'm not sure 1-to-1 NAT could help here...

Hi, cisconext,

My name is Alena Patterson. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

You can look at one to one NAT as mapping your public IP from your ISP to your private IP of your network.

To configure one-to-one NAT, choose Firewall > Advanced Settings > One-to-One NAT. The One-to-One-NAT Rules Table lists the available One-To-One NAT rules that have been configured.  Click ADD.

Here you would  need to specify the Private IP address of your idtv (something like

Then enter Public IP address and subnet mask (this is IP address and mask that ISP provided you for your idtv), range 1 and save.

Hope that helps.


Alena Patterson

Cisco Small Business Engineer