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Hello, i am using an RV130 router and connecting to it via IPSEC vpn using the ShrewSoft client on windows 7.  I'm able to make it work and i can ping the router itself from the remote computer, pull up the admin page, etc, however i cannot access any remote network resources beyond the router itself.  I am thinking i need to add a static route to the router - except i all the ones that i've taken limited guesses at don't seem to accomplish what i need.  The ShrewSoft client is configured as per the various guides i've found on here for this application.

Network setup:

Remote PC: virtual shrewsoft adaptor with ip /

connecting to the RV130 via its WAN ip

The RV130 has set as its private IP /

In the IPSEC configuration, i set that the remote client is able to access the subnet (and not just a single IP address)

I am guessing i need to add a route so the remote PC can access the local network (for instance remote desktop a PC on the local network with ip

I tried adding this route: destination LAN ip: subnet: gateway  however that just made it so i couldn't even ping the router from the remote PC.  Once i killed that rule, i could ping the router again, but still couldn't get anything "behind" the router.

To make a final weird twist, ping and communications seems to work fine from the local side of the router to the remote pc.  For instance, ping works fine from a computer on the local network to the remote ip, just not the other way around...

Any advice on this?  Thanks all.


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Hi paterson,

Can you try "reverse-route" command in remote access vpn configuration

That command adds a route enty ,that defined ACL in configuration, in remote clinet routing table.

Best regards.

Hello aydinnmu1

Unfortunately RV130 router is a pretty low end one, i have no ability to run that command or any command, just limited to the GUI interface which does not give me many options.

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