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RV180/RV180W - MAC adress filtering and IP biding

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Level 1

Hello !

First, i'm sorry for my poor english :o)

I'm interested by the router Cisco RV180 or RV180W.

So as to increase security, i would like to set a MAC adress access restriction for all peripherals that would be connected to the router (10 computers, 2 servers, 6 Synology NAS) : only allowed MAC adress should access to the internet and network ressources.

Does the Cisco RV180 or RV180W have an IP to Mac biding feature and a Mac adress restriction feature ?

If yes, how many peripherals/computers can be set ?

For example, only 30 mac/IP adress can be allowed on my actual router and it is not enough.

Best regards


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David Hornstein
Level 7
Level 7

Hi churchillguy

The RV180W Admin guide on page 94 discusses MAC address filtering;

Well since you cannot directly connect 30 MAC hosts directly to the built in 4 port switch, why not perform the restrictions on the managed layer 2 Small Business switch such as a SG300-52.

Apply MAC address filters to the AP side of the RV180W as needed.

But are you much better off loading a series of MAC address entries for allowed devices on the switch, so that the restrictions will work in the LAN switch. 

Pretty easy to setup on the Small Business 300 or 500 series switches.

below is a example of the switch management interface where you would add MAC filters.

regards Dave


David, you can also use binding as a anti spoofing feature....a given IP MUST be associated with the given MAC address. It's not just used for mapping a MAC to a port....otherwise, why have VLAN capability on a router?

Does any of your servers or NAS's support 802.1x?  use that instead. port authentication is much more secure.  Page 126 on Admin guide  use WPA2-ENT on your wireless devices for more secure Wifi.

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

Hi everyone !

Thanks for your answers.

I bought the RV180 router and I admit that it runs very well !

I confirm that i was able to set a 50 clients list in the mac adress biding menu.

I also upgrade the firmware to the version this morning : everything went smoothly.

The PPT VPN feature is easy to use and works  with all my PC on Windows 7 ans my IOS and Android devices with built in clients.

Regards churchillguy