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RV220W power cycle required when dsl drops momentarily



When our DSL modem drops its connection, even momentarily, the RV220W requires a power cycle before the computers on the LAN can browse again.

When I connect to the router, the WAN Information displays the word Connecting, rather than Connected.

Does this sound normal?

We have a DSL modem connected to the router, the router connected to an ethernet switch, and our small business pc's connected to the switch.

Firmware on the router is


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Tom Watts

HI K, it sounds like a possible arp or dns issue. Do you have a static or dynamic internet? Is it pppoe?  If you unplug the modem from the router for a few moments does the connection recover?

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts


Thanks for your help.

PPoE, dynamic.

If I disconnect the ethernet cable between the modem and the router, the internet will not work again until the power is cycled on the router.

Hi K, the lease on the router is not expiring when the DSL refreshes is what it sounds like. Every time the router reboots, it will drop lease and obtain a new IP address which is why a reboot resolves it. You may try to enable the idle time to the lowest value which would mean it closes the internet connection when it detects no activity for X amount of minutes.

You may also try to put an unmanaged switch between the modem and router to see if it may help out a negotiation issue.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Thanks for your help, Tom.

I changed the idle timout setting to 5 minutes.

When I disconnect the WAN cable and reconnect, the modem immediately changes state to Connection Reset.

After 10 minutes, no change at all, still no connection.

I used the button Reboot, in the Administration menu, and still no connection.

Power Cycling does result in a successful connection.

I cannot find anything in the logs to show that the connection is lost.

Have not tried interposing a switch, yet.


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