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Using RV34X WAN options to connect to a VPN



I have been trying for some time to use the Cisco RV340 to connect to a commercial VPN provider. The router should act as a VPN client. After extensive research in the user manual and various forums, I have now found that this is apparently not supported.

The device can be used as a VPN server, as well as for site-to-site VPN connections, but not as a VPN client. The "Teleworker VPN Client" feature would be the best option, but it only works if the other end is also a Cisco device.

Apparently, they're trying to establish such a VPN connection via the WAN options.

While I haven't tried that guide myself yet, this approach makes me think. The WAN connection options offer PPTP and L2TP, both protocols that are also used to connect to a commercial VPN service.

Could this be a way to connect the RV340 as a client to a VPN service after all?

If not, what is the difference between PPTP or L2TP in those WAN options and PPTP/L2TP in the scenario of a client-to-site VPN connection?

Thank you for your help.

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PPTP uses ppp protocol and you can combine it with different types of compressions (stackter, lzh or mppc) and encryptio (mppe 96 or 128 bit)

L2TP on the other hand uses ipsec transport protocol as described in the earlier post.

 They would be used to connect clients to this router as we can see it is the Server. would not be possible to benefit from this protocol and connect this router as Client for a remote Server.





My question didn't come out just right as it needed editing because I was posting a link to a commercial VPN service, which isn't allowed here, apparently. 

My question was basically whether I could use the L2TP or PPTP connection type in the WAN options (see picture) to connect the router (as a client) to a commercial VPN service.

If not, WHY? They're the same protocols.



Why dont you give it a try?

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