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Very slow WAN speed (RV180)

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Level 1

My brand new RV180 seems not to be able to exceed 1.1 MB/s WAN download speed. Using a simple Linksys WRT-320N I used to have 5-6 times this speed.

Value is with default settings, various sources (HTTP/NEWS downloads). Trying to improve this wit QoS-settings dows not improve this in any way.

What am I missing here? This cannot be normal, I hope.

Rgds Ronald

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Level 1


Seems to be another firmware bug. After finding a similar posting on low WAN speeds, I changed the DOMAIN name (in LAN network settings, IP4) back to default 'Cisco' and after applying this, speed is back to normal!!

Changing it back to the name I had set originally, does not undo the solution.

Unfortunatly; after a reboot the problem is back!!

I really hope the next firmware (whenever it eventually does get released) resolves the many bug that apparently are in the RV180.

Rgds Ronald

Good morning

Thank you for using our forum, my name is Johnnatan  I am part of the Small business Support community.

Hi Ronald, I apologize for the  issues you are having, please call the Small Business Support Center to confirm if this is a bug. Please go here to find the phone number in your country: , you will see a telephone number list , select your region and contact  us to report it.

Remember you could  overload your device capacity if  it has activated multiple services such as IPS,  multiple tunnel, Ipsec etc. I hope you find this answer useful,

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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

“Please rate useful posts so other users can benefit from it” Greetings, Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda. Cisco Network Support Engineer.