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WRV210 - Freezes - Hanging - Lock - VPN Don´t Reconnect



I'm using two WRV210 Linksys Cisco Routers to create a tunnel between two places with a pppoe adsl internet connection.

I made several tests with new and old 1.7xx firmware, and nothing changes.

Try to reset to factory defaults, and nothing changes.

I have two problems:

1) The router crashes after a time working, usualy around 24 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. The lights still flashing, but nothing happens, no VPN traffic and no ping response from the router, and of course, no internet access. I could see just that the router works a bit hot, but, I think that is normal.

2) The VPN IPSEC was configured, and both configurations are identical. All value are the same, I am using the dyndns service. So, the VPN quickly connects and I can ping and access remote computers. Windows Folders, VNC, IT'S REALLY WORKS FULL. WORKS REALLY FINE. PERFECT.

BUT, when the router crashes, as I've told on problem 01, after remove the power cord and insert ir again, the VPN don't reconnect.

On log's, I could see that it's say that has no preshared key.

062   [Wed 22:48:10]  "TunnelA" #37: Can't authenticate: no preshared key found for `' and `'.  Attribute OAKLEY_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD

063   [Wed 22:48:10]  "TunnelA" #37: no acceptable Oakley Transform

064   [Wed 22:48:10]  "TunnelA" #37: sending notification NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN to

But, please, pay attention, it worked before. Nothing changes, nothing, the router just restarts. No configuration was lost, (I checked the VPN IPSEC TAB), but says that have no preshared key, BUT THE KEY STILL THERE.

The unique way to restablish the connection is go on the VPN IPSEC TAB, and change symetrical any configuration, as change MAIN MODE to AGGRESSIVE on both routers.

So, now are as MAIN. Tomorow probably it will crash, so, I will have to restart both routers, and change to AGGRESSIVE. So, when it happens again, i will have to back to MAIN.

If I change the preshared key, on both routers, It will work, too.

Anyone can help-me?

I really need a ultra stable VPN tunnel, and I think that CISCO could do it for me, but I think that I was wrong.



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