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2901 router configuration

I was trying to reset my password, so I followed your steps here



but I lost all configurations and even when I configure it back it didn't work probably

and I lost also IP telephones registration 



but after more search, I found this


how to solve this issue ??


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Re: 2901 router configuration

If you did what I think, you set the router's configuration to the factory default. With password recovery, you set the config register to 0x2142 and then reboot the router. It will reboot with the factory default config but the actual config is still in NVRAM. In this mode you are supposed to "copy start run" which loads the actual configuration. You are still logged into the router and at this point and can change the password. Once you've done that you then "copy run start" which saves the configuration to NVRAM with the new password, then change the config register back to 0x2102 and you are done.

The fact that you changed the config register to 0x2142, rebooted the router and then did a copy run start meant that you copied the default config into NVRAM thus over writing the actua working config.


Here's the password recovery procedure:





Re: 2901 router configuration

Thanks for your reply 


I think that I did this warning command, so my question is 


If I make factory setting from GUI  

In that case, did I erased any component or software that previously installed like CME for IP telephones or any license for that telephones?


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