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881 VPN Routing

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I'm looking to deploy the Cisco 881 3G routers for a few mobile assets. The assets will use WIFI / WIMAX as their primary communications via the Ethernet interface and roll over to a 3G cellular connection when traveling outside of the WIFI / WIMAX coverage area. The WIFI / WIMAX network will solely be for the corporate network and will not required any VPN tunnels. When outside of the WIFI / WIMAX network, the asset will use the 3G cellular network via an IPSEC VPN tunnel.

My question - is it possible fire up the VPN tunnel only when connectivity failing over to the 3G connection and not when utilizing the ethernet interface?

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Jon Marshall
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Hall of Fame

If i understand correctly you should simply enable the crypto map on the 3G interface. Without a crypto map attached to the ethernet interface then it should not try and bring up a VPN tunnel.

The issue you have is how to change the default-route from ponting out of the ethernet interface to point out of the 3G interface. You can use IP SLA to monitor the state of the ethernet connection and if there is no response then you can switch to 3G.

Have a search on these forums for IP SLA which should get you started.


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