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Aironet 3600e configuration

Hello folks,

Does anyone know how I can configure the Aironet 3600e by Cisco without a WAN Controller. I know it's a controller based AP but I bought it in preparation for my new WiFi Network Design as I'm planning to deploy these APs together with a controller but at this stage all I need is just basic config so that I can see how good it will work in the environment I want to implement it. So I was wondering if there is some kind of default IP and Admin/ Password as I could not find the info on Cisco's website.


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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Currently, the 3600 does not and cannot operate in autonomous mode.

A WLC (running at least is required.

Snap!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do now cause I wouldn't prefer to get the controller before I figure out how things work with this AP; The WLC is a big investment so I was hoping there would be a way to configure the AP without the controller just for testing.  

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

How "friendly" are you with your Cisco account manager/sales engineer?

I'm not talking about your authorized Cisco reseller.

Talk to Cisco and ask to borrow an evaluation WLC5508 or 2504. 

Hey leolaohoo,

I contacted Cisco about this issue and I was told that in order to get TAC  technical support and troubleshooting or to get assistance configuring  my device, I would need to purchase a SmartNet contract.

I don't know any Cisco account manager or engineer...

I didn't know borrowing was possible. What's the procedure?

I appreciate your help.