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ASA 5510 ASDM: Setting up multiple public static ip addresses on a single interface and route traffic


HI, i have a cisco ASA 5510 using ASDM version 6.3

We have a webserver that is been written very specifically and i was  given super direct "DO NOT DEVIATE" directions.

This server has to get traffic from 3 different PUBLIC ip's that we  own. (our isp gave use a block of 12 static addresses) on 4 different  ports.

there are the directions i was given

externalIP1:22 -> - SSH

externalIP1:443 -> - SIT

externalIP2:443 -> - STAGE

externalIP3:443 -> - PROD

My first question is, using ASDM (my contract employer demands i use  ASDM over CLI) how do i get three public addresses to work on one  interface. We are authenticating on PPPoE. I know create a virtual  interface with the static address but when i do i cannot ping the  address from another offsite machine.

secondly, where would i put the traffic redirect in. would i go ahead  and create ACL's or just make NAT routes.


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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Here is the sample configuration to configure translation on ASA:

For your specific scenario, please go down to "Port Redirection(Forwarding) with Statics" section. The example use the outside interface as the public ip address, however, you can use your specific public ip address instead, ie: externalIP1, externalIP2, etc. accordingly.

Hope that helps.

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