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ASR1006-x Max running configuration size

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Level 4

Anyone know how to determine the max configuration size this router (ASR1006-x) that can load/run into memory?


My current running-configuration is exceeding 12,000 lines long with much more needed to support our environment. I have pasted sections of the configuration (from Notepad) into the router. While pasting in, I observe each line is accepted without error. I save -wr often. I am the only one connected to this router - it is isolated. I continue to experience sections of the configuration missing that I know I have pasted into the cli.


Sh ver:

32868K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory

8388608K bytes of physical memory

7600127K bytes of eUSB flash at bootflash

97620247K bytes of SATA hard disk at harddisk


Thank you



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paste your config into the link below, it will tell you the size in bytes. 32768K is the max NVRAM, so in theory, that would be the limit.

Ahhh thanks but that external URL link would potentially make my config available to the wrong folks. :(


My current config is just over 500k bytes.




Possibly not everything is visible after you paste the config, what do you see with 'sh run all' ?

sh run all - configuration is little more than 44,000 lines and takes 30 minutes to spit it out. Since I'm remote, I'm sure some of the slowness is due to remote session.


Keep in mind, the issue is when I paste in part of the config and then later try to add additional configuration to the previously implemented - I receive an error - invalid - add supporting config first.



1st paste

address-family ipv4 vrf MPLS-30-VPN

neighbor x.x.x.x remote-as #

--snip-- I continue with pasting in the remaining 700 neighbors




2nd paste

address-family ipv4 vrf MPLS-30-VPN

neighbor x.x.x.x route-map <name> in

ERROR - add neighbor first





Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Frank,

I tried the following calculation

12000 lines * 130 chars per line = 1560000 bytes far less then 32768 KB of nvram.


So  you have issues with a file size that is much less the size of nvram


It would be nice to know how nvram: is used in your system

Try to use

dir /all


dir system:nvram


to see how much free space there is in NVRAM.

If there is free space in NVRAM I think you need to find a global configuration option (knob) to support greater configuration files.



looking in the CCO I have found the following feature that is supposed to help when dealing with large configuration files




the feature is called Configuration Generation performance Enhancement.

it is oriented to device having many interfaces so I don't know how much can be helpful for you.


parser config cache interface


The feature description says that in traditional approach retrieving the configuration file when it is large may require several minutes.

This suggests that what you see may be the result of a timed out show command rather then real loss of config lines.

I would suggest to check the config size on file systems and to compare it to the size of a file containing the already pasted lines.

Even better you can upload the startup-config file to your PC and then compare by content files using programs like Winmerge.

This should allow you to understand if you have a real issue or it is only a display problem.


Hope to help



Config is now more than 44,000 lines long. The problem isn't storage space, its keeping it all in memory.

dir nvram: shows I have more than 33 million bytes free

The running config is 447,000 bytes

I will add the parser config and monitor.


An example of the problem is this:

I paste in

address-family ipv4 vrf MPLS-30-VPN

neighbor x.x.x.x remote-as #

--snip-- I paste in the remaining 700 neighbors, about 10 lines at a time and observe for errors and receive none.



Then when I try to paste in more configuration to the previous configuration, as in

address-family ipv4 vrf MPLS-30-VPN

neighbor x.x.x.x route-map <name> in

-ERROR, add neighbor first





We have switched to  a brand new ASR1009x router with a bleeding edge IOS-XE 16.12 code. The configuration is now well over 100,000 lines and even through the router is mostly sitting idle we continue to see strange behavior. The latest output was with the show bgp all sum | e dle|ive which produced neighbor statements with 4 numerical octets. Eg. 1234.111.222.333.

Thanks and hoping things get better soon :)


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