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Asymmetric Routing Issue


Hi All,

I'm currently having asymmetric routing issue on my network. We are taking over few departments of a company. Currently the users access our servers via public Internet which are Nated back to our private addresses on our network. This company for some wired reason is using public IP addressing internally. We have installed a LES point to point link with this company so that the users can access the network resources directly. I have installed a firewall between us and them. Company's current networks team doesn't want to use our private addressing over their network hence I had to Nat few of our server IPs to public IP addresses to be available on their network.

The issue is when the users need to connect to any of the other servers then come through our public facing firewall and then to our core. In order to forward the traffic to the LES link firewall I had to route the traffic to it which automatically routes the traffic coming from the company's network via our public firewall hence creating a asymmetric route on the way back.

Ideally the traffic coming from public firewall should go back to the source same way and the traffic coming from LES firewall should go back to the source same way. Can someone advise how can I route the traffic for company's network (10.134.x.x) back out the same way as it came, either via public firewall or the LES link firewall?

Many thanks in advance.

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I did setup PBR on the next hop as well but still didnt work.

After consulting a CCIE came to know that firmware on core doesnt support PBR hence had to setup an alternate solution.

Many thanks for you help and support.

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