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BGP route-map and prefix-list for redistribute (connected/static) in IPv4




Have an unusual problem with prefix redistribution using route-map and PL


The supernet prefix for some reason is not being tagged with communities, and so, isnt being redistributed to our RR's - Smaller prefixes within the supernet are being tagged correctly (And redist. to our RRs)


The PL in question is this:


ip prefix-list PL_GvvvvvM_RANGES seq 5 permit le 32


route-map is:


route-map GccccM_RANGES permit 10
match ip address prefix-list PL_GvvvvvM_RANGES
set community xxx:xxx xxx:xxx xxx:xxx


And redist statemements under IPv4:

redistribute connected route-map GccccM_RANGES
redistribute static route-map GccccM_RANGES


All static routes to next-hops appear to work (Smaller profixes, Im unable to try the supernet as there are active routes contained in the supernet, and also asdsigned to Interfaces)

static route to Null0 for the supernet, I get no community tags (Route is visible in BGP though as soon as it is null routed...just no communities)

Ive tried adding a larger prefix in the PL (/19 with le 32) - I matches the prefixes, but again, the supernet doesnt get tagges, but smaller prefixes do.


I thought it may have something to do with the supernet being null routed, but I tried null routing a /23 within the supernet, and it was successfully matched, and community tages applied,


A little stumped as to what is causing this - Thanks

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master


weird indeed. I labbed this in GNS3 and community tags worked for supernet. Can you post the full configs of both routers ?

Configs are very large on these routers - I can potentially post a subset of the conf if that would help?


Maybe the bgp sections, the route-maps/PLs/CLs and null routes?



paul driver
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert