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BGP single router

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My company wants to implement bgp on a single router for dual ISP redundancy for a branch warehouse, we don’t have BGP with the ISP we have a 1G internet line from provider 1 and 500Mpbs from provider 2.

Now Do I need to call my isp to have BGP so they can give me their AS and I can configure my router pointing to the isps As or what is it that I can do to facilitate this configuration on my single router.




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in any case, you need to contact the ISP to get their AS number. That said, for redundancy, you do not necessarily need BGP: two static default routes could be used for either an active/active or an active/standby setup.

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Thank you for your advise.

Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello @fwitron1981 ,

>> for a branch warehouse, we don’t have BGP with the ISP we have a 1G internet line from provider 1 and 500Mpbs from provider 2.


I do agree with @Georg Pauwen in this scenario the use of default static routes can be enough.


By the way, how the branch warehouse connects to the HQ office ? Do you use any form of site to site VPN over the internet ?


BGP would be required only if you own your public IP address block I would expect a branch office even a branch warehouse to use private addressing internally and to have the need to access public internet and the HQ office.


For this it is enough to use NAT for internet access with static routes and site to site VPNs  to reach the HQ office.


in any case to create a working BGP session the ISP needs to configure your IP address as a neighbor  also on its side so yes you would need to talk with tech support of both ISPs.


Hope to help



Can you elaborate on the provider circuits, How are they been serviced into your building, How do they terminate on a cpe switch/ modem -What type of lines do you have, Leased/BB etc..?
It could be that internet access is direct and is already being routed for you, as such you wouldn’t require any bgp peering with the isps, if that’s the case then you could terminate both ISPs on the the one rtr and setup dual branch connectivity towards your HQ over internal site-site vpn

It all depends on the type of service you have procured from your ISP's.

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