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Can any one solve this probe Please

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Level 1


  • Configure HSRP between Site A & Site B as shown in diagram above.
  • Execute show commands to verify HSRP is configured correctly and describe results in show output.
  • Failover Standby HSRP Neighbor to Primary/Active.  Execute show command to verify and explain.


  • Modify Trunk interfaces as shown in red from the diagram above
  • Enable OSPF with the FEWEST interfaces required as shown in diagram above (Hint: look at VLAN for needed OSPF adj).
  • Verify OSPF is up and configured correctly on all 3 sites.
  • Bonus:  How would you keep SITE B from being able to see routes for loopback interfaces on SITE A&B using config under OSPF?

Spanning Tree:

  • Configure Spanning-Tree as shown in red in the above diagram.
  • After configuring Spanning-tree was above, describe which interface is blocking.
  • From Site C, use show commands to justify your answer.
  • Make Site C root for VLAN 3 and Verify with show commands.
  • From SITE A, Which ports are designated ports for VLAN 2, 3, 4.


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is this supposed to be done in Packet Tracer ? What part do you have already configured, and what do you need help with ?


If this is a Packet Tracer project, post the zipped project (.pkt) file.

I have tried to do it on Packet Tracer cant do it. I need help with the whole thing thank you. I have uploaded the attachment you can take a look thanks again.

config the PVST for spanning tree
config HSRP group.


If the problem is you would like others to answer to all those questions then surly you won’t learn it for yourself correct?

If you simulate that network 90% of the answers you will get from just enabling those features and looking at the results.

Two things stand out which i hope others don’t provide you an answer to but you point you in the right direction is-

ospf loop backs - think of filtering 

spanning-tree ports- think of how it works with port-channels





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Level 1
Level 1

Can i get some help on this Please . 165 Views but no help.



I have put together the attached Packet Tracer project. You need at least version 7.3.1 to open the file.


1. Site A Router is active HSRP router for all Vlans

2. Site A Router is primary root for Vlan 2 and 4, and secondary root for Vlan 3

3. OSPF is configured on Vlan 2 interface only

4. Site B Router is standby HSRP router for all Vlans

5. Site B Router is primary root for Vlan 3, and secondary root for Vlan 2 and 4

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