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cisco 2911 + DSL


Having configure a several 2911 with EHWIC-VA-DSL-M onboard. Have succesfully configured about 5 routers in the absolutly same configuration,

ver of a IOS, firmware modem and so on.

But in one of the 2911 have problem - it does not connect to dsl. Debug atm showed this (even I wasn't plug telephone cable int the 2911 port)

*Mar  6 16:08:26 NSK: (atm_vc_is_bridged_dot1q)ATM: VC with handle 0x0 not found
*Mar  6 16:08:26 NSK: VC micro block get: Invalid vc handle
*Mar  6 16:08:26 NSK: VC micro block get: Invalid vc handle
*Mar  6 16:08:26 NSK: (atm_vc_get_from_vc_hdl): Invalid vc handle 0

When I connect the telephone cable - logging message is the same, no reaction.

Config of the interfaces

interface ATM0/0/0
   no ip address
  no atm ilmi-keepalive
  pvc 0/35
   encapsulation aal5snap
   pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
interface Dialer1
   ip address negotiated
  encapsulation ppp
  ip tcp adjust-mss 1390
  dialer pool 1
  dialer-group 1
  ppp pap sent-username ***** password 0 *****
  no cdp enable

Here some usefull information

sh ver
Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

sh controllers vdsL 0/0/0
Controller VDSL 0/0/0 is DOWN

Daemon Status:           Establishing Link

                        XTU-R (DS)              XTU-C (US)
Chip Vendor ID:         'BDCM'                   '    '
Chip Vendor Specific:   0x0000                   0x0000
Chip Vendor Country:    0xB500                   0x0000
Modem Vendor ID:        'CSCO'                   '    '
Modem Vendor Specific:  0x4602                   0x0000
Modem Vendor Country:   0xB500                   0x0000
Serial Number Near:    FOC17443KRU 2911/K9  15.2(4)M
Serial Number Far:
Modem Version Near:    15.2(4)M
Modem Version Far:

Modem Status:            Idle
DSL Config Mode:        AUTO
Trained Mode:
TC Mode:                 UNKNOWN
Selftest Result:         0x00
DELT configuration:      disabled
DELT state:              not running
Trellis:                 OFF                      OFF
SRA:                     disabled                        disabled
  SRA count:              0                       0
Bit swap:                enabled                         enabled

Full inits:             0
Failed full inits:      0
Short inits:            0
Failed short inits:     0

Firmware        Source          File Name (version)
--------        ------          -------------------
VDSL            embedded        VDSL_LINUX_DEV_01212008 (1)

Modem FW  Version:      130205_1433-4.02L.03.A2pv6C035j.d23j
Modem PHY Version:      A2pv6C035j.d23j
Vendor Version:         Ap6v35j.23j 68

My searching on the Internet gived me this link

Tried to using this solution then reboot the router

operating mode adsl2+

but have no success.

Is it something wrong with EHWIC-VA-DSL-M or what could be?


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