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Cisco 3800 Router Flash Upgrade

sachin goel

I need to upgrade compact flash memory card for a 3800 router. Basically i want to upgrade code on this router and the current flash size (64Mb)  cannot hold new image. I wanted to check if i swap the old flash (64 Mb) with a new one 256 mb, i will loose vlan.dat file since it's stored in flash. Is there a way i can copy vlan.dat to new flash which has new code before i change the boot statements and reload the router?

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame Master

Hello Sachin,

if you have a vlan.dat file it is because you have an etherswitch module installed in the router.

You can upload the file using

copy flash tftp:

to a PC running  TFTP server for later download to the new flash using copy tftp: flash command

Or if you have another network device like a LAN switch that speaks VTP with the etherswitch module on a trunk port, you can make it a VTP server so that it will save a vlan.dat into its flash. Later the etherswitch will be able to retrieve the vlan.dat file from the external LAN switch.

You can check with dir /all all the filesystems that are on the router, the etherswitch module might have an internal bootflash in that case it might be used to copy the vlan.dat and to retrieve it later.

Hope to help


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