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Cisco 4431 Component Event - cisco-qfb


Got two of the above as our border routers. Been seeing event log on our monitoring platform relating to cisco-qfb. Examples of event log message as follows:


Component: cisco-qfp(62). Attribute: average_packet, was modified from: 785.47481194438, to: 899.89232486818
Component: cisco-qfp(62). Attribute: throughput, was modified from: 165402144, to: 535212760
Component: cisco-qfp(62). Attribute: packets, was modified from: 26322, to: 74344
Component: cisco-qfp(62). Attribute: utilization, was modified from: 7, to: 16
Component: cisco-qfp(60). Attribute: average_packet, was modified from: 460.68250539957, to: 503.17605923488
Component: cisco-qfp(60). Attribute: throughput, was modified from: 8531840, to: 9785768
Component: cisco-qfp(60). Attribute: packets, was modified from: 2315, to: 2431


Device running on Cisco IOS Software [Amsterdam], ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 17.3.2

Notice that message comes up every 5 minutes


How can I determine what is causing this ?


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I'll start saying I have no real experience in this subject. but maybe i can point you in te right direction.

QFP refers to Cisco Quantum Flow Processor, an additional subsystem on your router
this looks like debugging or monitoring data that is logged, no real problem 

check if any debugging is active 


Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



you also might try to turn off logging. I am not sure which parameter generates your specific logs...


ISR4431#conf t

ISR4331(config)#domain x

ISR4331(config-domain)#no logging [ ime ] [ path ] [ tc ] [ tca ] [ version { v1 | v2 } ]

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