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Cisco ASR 1002-x POS Interface does not show Service instance & Bridge-Domain command

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello ,

I don't think you can configure on a packet over Sonet POS interface service instances and bridge domains that are commands available on Ethernet based LAN interfaces.

A POS is a sync serial interface not a LAN interface


Hope to help



how to bridge two POS interfaces

Hello @WaisAhmadMirwais60647 ,

if they do not support the modern command syntax with bridge domains and service instance I am afraid you cannot bridge over POS interfaces.


Many years ago I used the first forms of IRB to perform bridging between LANs using routers connected with a serial interface but it was using the old syntax of bridge-group.

 I performed several type of tests over POS interfaces but I have never tried to configure bridging.


POS is IP packets over SONET/SDH and it was introduced as a great semplification in comparison to ATM interfaces using Sonet/SDH for high speed point to point links with also reduced overhead.


Hope to help



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