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cisco AVC on cisco ASR 1001X

Luis Jimenez
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I have a customer that the last week buy a cisco ASR 1001X with AVC licence, the customer is very interesting about AVC because in this moment in their WAN access had a cisco 3945 and deploy NETFLOW to see the traffic that cross the router. My question is cisco AVC on ASR had an application inside the router that can help to present or generate reports? or is necessary to export the information to other tool like netflow analizer or scrutinizer? 


, for example if I enable AVC on the ASR via CLI with the three steps (exported, record and monitorin) I understand that this method basically is for the persons that wants to see and generated reports on other tools like cisco PRIME or Scrutinizer but what if I don’t want to exported the records?  The ASR can help me to see the information? Maybe for HTTP p HTTPS?



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Hi Luis,

I have a client that need control traffic using AVC in a ASR1K, and I think it's mandatory to export the records to the Cisco Prime or another Flow Report Generator based on Netflow v9 or IPFIX protocol. But, for a while, I'm studying about this functionality to do a PoC after that.

Best Regards,

Paulo Jr.

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