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Eric Marquez

Cisco Nexus BGP Error Discard messages Error processing: localpref attribute from external peer [5]

I'm seeing the following message on my syslog server from my nexus switch, and I wanted to do some additional research into the reasons for this.  I'm not able to see a command on the Cisco Nexus to show the reason.  Is there a way to see the reason on Nexus?


 BGP-4-ERR_HANDLING_REASON:  bgp- [6497]  Enhanced Error processing: localpref attribute from external peer [5] Action: discard from peer


I found a doc that discusses this, but I don't see the same cmd structure in Nexus.  Is there a way to see the discard reason in Nexus? "show ip bgp path-attribute discard"

IP Routing: BGP Configuration Guide - BGP Attribute Filter and Enhanced Attribute Error Handling 


It looks like the ASR can show the discard reasons, but I don't see how to perform this same action on a Nexus 9k.

BIOS: version 05.42
NXOS: version 9.3(6)

NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Nexus9000 C93180YC-FX Chassis"



MHM Cisco World
Rising star

[no] enhanced-error
under bgp router 


this command but why you get this error with local-prf ?

I do not have any insight into commands to show discard reason. But I do have an insight into the particular error message 

localpref attribute from external peer

My comment is that local preference is only valid with internal peers. If you receive a BGP update from an external peer that attempts to include local preference that is certainly not valid and should be treated as an error. 


If you want to do further investigation perhaps a packet capture on packets from that external peer might show whether it is attempting to advertise local preference.