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Cisco Umbrella and Windows 10 VPN

Hi Cisco Community,


Before we downgrade our Cisco Umbrella subscription I want to know if someone has a work around. Long story short, we 100% standardize on Cisco Meraki firewalls which VPN connections require built in MacOS and Windows VPN client. Now that everyone is working remotely due to COVID19, we deployed the Umbrella agent to all roaming devices.


We are now being told by Cisco Umbrella support that Windows 10 and MacOSX native VPN clients will not work with Cisco Umbrella. I am shocked that this has not been solved, but want to see if anyone has any ways to work around this.


Root issue: DNS lookups fail to external domains. Support stated this is because there is no support to Umbrella and built-in VPN clients of Windows and MACOSx with this response:

"The reason you are having issues with this VPN is because it utilizes a Microsoft connection API that requires DNS be sent to the local NIC, not and therefore cannot connect. While there are some VPNs that are compatible with the Enterprise Roaming Client, unfortunately the built in windows VPNs are not at this time."


Meraki boxes us into using a VPN solution that isn't supported by Cisco Umbrella, but is pushing hard to integrate with Cisco Umbrella. Blows my mind, any gurus have a work around?