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Conditional route iBGP advertisements for HSRP/VRRP?



I'm currently working on a solution for a client wherein we are running a FHRP to a customer to handoff private network traffic.  Our edge site routers are advertising the customer hosts back into our private network via iBGP.  The host routing and handoff to the customer is static, but we can tie the routes to track objects.


I was wondering if there was a way to conditionally advertise (or modify BGP traits of) the host routes, on the basis of whether or not the site routers won the FHRP election in a Cisco environment (VRRP or HSRP for the actual FHRP selection is fine).


The only method I've found is with an SLA wherein we tie the routes to track objects that ping the customer with the FHRP IP address as the source, to determine if we actually can process the response at that same router (as only the router that won the FHRP election will actually respond at that address, even if either can send packets/frames from it).


I would prefer a simpler way to doing this, especially as I could see this causing issues with the customer's ARP table depending on how their equipment manufacturer implements the ARP protocol.  It's also dependent on their equipment continuing to respond to the SLA's too.


It's also important that the path remain persistent (traffic to and from customer) as we are NAT overloading at the remote site and not synchronizing NAT tables between the routers.  This is why we would like this mechanism, if possible.



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