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How to configure a ipsec tunnel between a Cisco ASA 5520 and a Cisco ASA 5505?============================---------------------------remoteasa172-------------------------------=================================remoteasa172#remoteasa172#remoteasa172#re...


Hi ,I am little confused with this issue.we use 9300 core switch and multiple 2960 access switches with mpls connection for LAN.User trying to access citrix netscaler from floor "A" it doesn't work but when the user tries to connect from floor "B" it...

KM2018 by Beginner
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Hi, I'm having trouble to set up my first Cisco Router RV345. Everything seems to work well but most of the outgoing port seems blocked. I can access every websites but if i want to reach something with a address like XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080 or www.XXXX...

JimGyt by Beginner
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Hi AllWe are running IWAN using APIC, I know that pfr is used to control what traffic goes over what link etc.We run EIGRP on the branches and have by default a static route to the lan redistributed on the MPLS and the Internet router, the Internet r...

I am looking at a 6880 with port-channel interface with a layer 3 subinterface. This subinterface is an EIGRP interface with one neighbor. This port-channel connects into our site core 4500X through two physical tengig interfaces. The physical interf...

We have 2 data centers - R1 and R2 and multiple remote offices all connected via E-Metro mesh. We want R3 office to go via R2 data center to offload R1. Any pointers how to make R3 to chose R2 as preferred peer? Thank you.  


Hi  Scenario here is                                                               Cisco Firewall (vlan 10)                                                                      |                                                             ...

Resolved! IP Policy ignored

I have a router with a default route set to the first WAN. I want to set up a second WAN but can't remove the default route because the router is live. I have added an ip policy to the second WAN interface but it is being ignore and it uses the defau...

Hello everyone!   Here a short description of the setup: 2x CAT6509, sup 2t, vss config two internet Uplinks- one 34mbit and a 2 mbit as backup (probably doing HSRP - we don't have access to the config) Access switches are connected redundant to both...

mgessner by Beginner
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