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connecting Fibre from provider to internal network

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We will get new fibre to our office but I am still not sure how they will terminate the connection. I have Firewall that will be use as edge point for internet traffic.


The ISP will provide me Public IP so I beleive they have set it up the second IP on their device. Not sure if they provide me a router or direct fibre outlet. 


Anyone knows how this work in current era?



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VIP Alumni

It can be accomplished multiple ways. You really need to talk with the provider to find out how they are delivering the service. Whether or not they have equipment at the office needs to be identified as well as where you want it placed. In the end, you are the customer and they should be able to provide you the hand off you need.

Once identified, if you have any questions on how to proceed I'm sure this forum will be able to provide some assistance.

Hope this helps



Thanks for your reply. I dont see much from provider side. I can see Fiber patch panel in which one side is terminating the fiber from provider and other side I can see fiber patch panel.


Can I buy some fiber cable and use some convertor as I have Cisco ASA with Rj45 connection to start ?




They could provide a router/switch, ODF or media converter, if your ASA does not support fiber, you should request to install a router/switch or media converter to use RJ45. Media converters from my point of view should be the last option.

Hope it is useful


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