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CUCM and CIMP tomcat-trust Certification not sync

I have recently renew my tomcat-trust certificates in CUCM. the certificate pushed to all subscribers and that process was success. But the CIMP server does not import the newer  Certificate from the CUCM server. i have restarted the CIMP tomcat service also. But no luck.

 1. Do i need to install the same certificate to CIMP serve ?

 2. Is there any other things to do the sync same certificate between CUCM and CIMP ?


I did the same process in 2018. but there were no issue at that time...


The call manager and CIMP version are below.


System version: -CIMP
System version: -CUCM

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

cups and cucm server have no mechanism to install client certificates themselves, so you would need to manually add it to the trusted certs. so if your cups server needs to trust cucm, then import it into the cups server

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