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Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working

I have just started to setup the ISR 4331 following the Cisco white paper.  After a lot more  work than just this.


Step 1

Connect the RJ-45 end of a serial cable to the RJ-45 console port on the router.

Step 2

After the device initial configuration wizard appears, enter No to get into the device prompt when the following system message appears on the router.

Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]: no

Step 3

From the configuration mode, enter the following configuration parameters.

! ip dhcp pool WEBUIPool network default-router username admin privilege 15 password 0 default ! interface gig 0/0/1 ip address !Step 4

Connect the PC to the router using an Ethernet cable to the gig 0/0/1 interface.

Step 5

Set up your PC as a DHCP client to obtain the IP address of the router automatically.

Step 6

Launch the browser and enter the device IP address in your browser’s address line. For a secure connection, type For a less secure connection, enter

Step 7

Enter the default username (admin) and the password as default.

I am now able to get to the login screen on the web browser.  I use the admin and default.  but it will not login.  I believe there is a GUI password enable that I'm missing to enable GUI login

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Re: Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working

Hello, try using without password
login as admin with no password(blank)
Jaderson Pessoa
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Re: Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working

I have tried multiple combinations for the login and password.
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Re: Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working


I did a test and think the password "default" has a space at the end which may be considered a character. So try typing the password followed by a space "default " then hit enter.


Hope this helps

Re: Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working

Darn I saw this too late to try that.

Re: Default password on ISR 4331 Router not working

Update: Ok so i was able to log in .  I had to wipe the Router settings and use the advance setuo method not the quick method the white paper states.  Now the issue is I have a very plane text version of the WEB GUI.  As show below.  This shows on http and https. Any thoughts


Cisco Systems

Accessing Cisco ISR4331/K9 "

"Show diagnostic log - display the diagnostic log.

 Monitor the router - HTML access to the command line interface at level 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15

Show tech-support - display information commonly needed by tech support. 

Extended Ping - Send extended ping commands.

QoS Device Manager - Configure and monitor QoS through the web interface. 


Help resourcesCCO at - Cisco Connection Online, including the Technical Assistance Center (TAC). - e-mail the TAC. 1-800-553-2447 or +1-408-526-7209 - phone the TAC. - e-mail the HTML interface development group.

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