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Diagnostics and analysis on Router and ASA

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Dear Expert,

I would like to know which command that we can know diagnostics and analysis on router and ASA 5500 ( i mean Like Health, performance) i want to maintenance every the end of month make sure it work properly.

Best Regards,


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Danilo Dy
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VIP Alumni


You should have proper monitoring in place and tracking system weekly.

Example 1: You should monitor critical parts of the devices. i.e. using CRICKET or MRTG

- CPU utilization

- Memory utilization

- Interface utilization

- WAN/Internet bandwidth utilization

- Interface errors

Example 2: You should monitor uptime/downtime of the critical devices, connections and interface. i.e. using WhatsUp

Example 3: You should setup a syslog server and configure the devices to send their logs to this syslog. i.e. using KIWI Syslog. There are both free and commercial software that can be configure to track the logs and send it to you via email or text messaging

Example 4: If you use WhatsUp as in Example 2, you can configure the devices to send SNMP-TRAP to it and use SMTP to send email to you or text message it to you.

Example 5: You can create a tracking form to update every week of the status of critical devices and their parts in the past 7 days.

NOTE: All this can be setup in the same server or workstation (beside the tracking form).



Join, Dandy have very well nailed down your request in his step by step monitoring recommendation, I have personally used and recommended some of these utilities and prove to be excellent tools for network performance reporting.

These network utilities Dandy mentioned can be found in bellow links .

MRTG - Freeware

Kiwi network utilities - freeware

CRICKET - Freeware

If money if not an object I highly recommend Solarwinds, some tools are free. If you want to combine all network stools into a single SNMP station I highly recommend SolarWinds Engineer tools

WahtsUP gold

PRTG - Free Functional DEMO 4 sensors - not freeware



Jorge Rodriguez
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