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Disable layers 3&4 protocols on SF302 switch


I am installing digital audio system (Allen & Heath).  I'm using a Cisco SF-302 switch in the installation. I am having issues that seem to be addressed in the A&H knowledge base which suggests disabling layers 3&4 protocols on the switch.  Is that possible on this model and how do I do it?

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The set system mode command puts the device into switch mode (Layer 2 mode) or router mode (Layer 3 mode). However it is in Layer 2 mode by default. 

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Thank you for your reply.  I'm using this switch as the installation requires PoE with at least 8 Ethernet ports.  I'm not a LAN/WAN tech so my networking knowledge is pretty limited.  Since the switch is in layer two mode by default, does that mean it is not operating as a "managed" switch?  The attached equipment is giving a data link error but only when connected to this switch.

You define "managed" or "undamaged" per switch, not per feature or layer. SF-302 is a managed switch regardless or working in L2 or L3. It provides the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your LAN. You can manage using terminal. "set system mode" is one of the command you can enter to put it in router mode or switch mode . "undamaged" switches do not have this capability.  Simply, it is what it is.

Please check the link below to see the commands with which you can configure the switch, but you probably do not need them. Just turn it on and connect your cables.

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