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DMVPN - Traffic Shaping with QOS not working

I have noticed on my 20 site DMVPN network that traffic shapping is not working correctly.  I am using a broadband provider and have several sites on a 50 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up Link, including the Hub site. The problem that I see is when one of my hosts aretransmitting a huge amount of data (over 10 Meg stream, typically a backup running on a remote file server), is that I am loosing EIGRP neighbor relationships. The remote router will recieve the DUAL msg "Peer goodbye received" which tells me that the HUB did not see 3 Hello packets in a row. The statistics from a Show Service Policy on the Outside Physical interface show everything is normal, packets with EF, CS6, etc are not being dropped and packets in the default class are being dropped. I am traffic shaping 'average' down to 10 meg and applying the service policy on the outside Interface. I have setup a test lab, (2) 2811 routers back to back, running c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T.bin (same IOS ver on all my routers). If I turn off the DMVPN, shut down the tunnel int, turn on eigrp for my

"Wan" subnet, traffic shape policy is set to 2Mbps, everything works when I flood the router with packets generated by Solarwinds WAN Killer which is sending udp packets 1000 bytes @ average of 15Mbps.  Then I turn on the DMVPN, remove the WAN subnet from EIGRP, enable the tunnel

interfaces, I loose EIGRP neighbor relationships quite frequently.

The only option to stop this behavior is to configure "rate-limit output dscp 0 1800000 17912 17912 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop".

I choose 90% of my traffic shaped bandwidth and this is working pretty good. Other than this issue, the DMVPN is working great.

I have attached a config from my benchtest and some show commands.

On my "live" DMVPN Network, I have 2 DMVPN hub sites, I am not loosing EIGRP Neighbor Relationships with my 2nd Hub site, the file server backups are running to my 1st Hub site.