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DR BDR election OSPF

Ravi Pande

Suppose I have 3 routers in same multi-access(transit) network and all of them have priority 0, which would mean all 3 would not take part in the DR BDR election. So what would happen in this scenario? They would stop at 2-Way state?If they are in 2-way how this would affect the topology and what would be the end result?

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Francesco Molino
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If all routers connected together have their priority set to 0, there won’t be any adjacancy created. OSPF state will be stuck at 2WAY. 

This means that no route advertisement will done between all of them, then no routes.

If there were connected and adjacancy formed, while setting them to priority 0 won’t have any immediate effect until LSA will expire.


In terms of topology, there won’t be any change as no route will be announced then all routers will keep their respective topology if they’re connected to other routers.


Hope that’s clear.

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paul driver
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Ospf broadcast network require DR/BDR election so if they are all set with a 0 priority value then all the rtrs will become drothers to each other and not fully establish a neighbor relationship with each other


They wont proceed into DR election and will be stuck in a 2way state/drother state as such routing information wont be populated in the ospf database.



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