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eBGP - Received-Routes last received



I have a connection to an upstream provider that I have had to cancel. The reason being that we are receiving no routes at all and therefore, even looking at port counters, are not utilising this neighbor. However, they have no come back asking for a timeline as to when routes were last received from their eBGP peer. Can anyone let me know how I can see "when" the last time was that we received routes from the peer so I can give them the timeline please?

I did see this before and now cannot find where I saw this information. I have tried the following and it does not seem to say:

show ip bgp neighbor <address> received routes

show ip bgp neighbor <address>   ----   This shows prefix info etc but not a date for last time received.


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MHM Cisco World
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VIP Mentor

normally BGP version is good indicate about the table version and when last update you receive.
please check link, I think it can help you in your issue. 

Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame Master

Hello @CliveG ,

show ip bgp summary

this should be enough to show how long is that you are receiving 0 prefixes from that eBGP neighbor


By the way if you have not applied any input route filter, it is the upstream provider that either has applied a wrong route filter or they are missing a policy  ( for example in the case of IOS XR a policy is required and without it no prefix is advertised to the eBGP neighbor).


Hope to help


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