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ERSPAN on ISR 4431

Richard Dumag
Level 1
Level 1


Does anyone know what IOS version supports ERSPAN on the ISR 4431?  We currently version isr4400-universalk9.16.06.06.SPA.bin and it doesn't seem to have all (plim commands) for ERSPAN.  Any information you can provide is appreciated.  Thank you!




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Jonathan Unger
Level 7
Level 7

Hi Richard,


The Cisco feature navigator is the right tool to use in this case. Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite useful.


Cisco Feature Navigator:


I used a couple of steps:

  1.  Select the "Research Software Option", and then select the 4331 platform, filtering on all available features containing the "erspan" keyword. This produced a list of all erspan features supported on the 4331 across all known software versions. The 4 features listed are:
    1. ERSPAN Support on Tunnel Interface
    2. ERSPAN Support on WAN Interface
    3. ERSPAN Type III header
    4. ERSPAN with VLAN Filtering
      Cisco Feature Navigator 01.png
  2. Switch to the "Search by Feature/Technology" option, add in the 4 feature names found on the previous list.
    1. When I added all 4, there were very few software releases listed
      Cisco Feature Navigator 02.png

    2. When I removed  ERSPAN Type III header and ERSPAN with VLAN Filtering features, there were many more code releases available.
      Cisco Feature Navigator 03.png

It looks like the VLAN filtering support (at least according to this tool) was removed after 16.5.1b. The other 2 features: ERSPAN support on Tunnel and on WAN Interface seem to be available on pretty much all of the releases.


It would make sense to me that the plim command support was no longer there since I think that is tied to feature #4 which is no longer a feature of your code release (16.06.06).


Hope this helps!


- Jon



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your response.  This is very helpful.  I will check it out and maybe try different versions on my lab routers first.



Glad to hear!


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