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Failover from T1 to a DSL connection


I need to design a failover for a voice network in a hosted voip solution environment. Basically we have two networks living in our environment, for data and for voice. Voice and data route to thru MPLS network via BGP on a T1. In case there is failure of the MPLS network or the T1 goes down the voice network should be able switch over to the DSL link and get out to the TFTP server at a remote location so they can stay up. I have created another route in the routing table with higher AD than BGP. When I took the T1 down phones did get out and hit the TFTP server but were stuck in the "configuring" mode and then get "http connection closed". Do I need to configure the router to which the TFTP server is connected to? So far my theory is that the traffic can not make its way back into our network once it leaves via www. I think traffic tries to come back over the MPLS and since the T1 is down it never gets here. Any input would be appreciated, I can not find anything on the web regarding these types of failovers. Thanks in advance.

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Daniel,

someone should add a floating static route on the router where the tftp server is connected or an ACL needs to be modified to add permission for tftp/http traffic.

Have you got another DSL link on the site where the CUCM is located or are you trying to use an IPSec VPN over the internet ?

You need to investigate the configuration on the CUCM site but you are pointing on the right direction.

Hope to help


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