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Filter routes in OSPF

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hi all

i have a ideal, my company has 4 main sites run ospf, and many sites (Dealer)also run ospf. there are in one OSPF domain, area 0. I want filter some routes from main site to Dealers (this mean the Dealer only know one network in the main site. I have used "Distribute-list" but is not support with ospf.

Do any one know, can help me ??

many thanks

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame

Hello Duc,

you need to move to a multi area OSPF design to be able to implement route filtering.

Given the link state nature of OSPF distribute-list doesn't change the OSPF database contents but only the capability of the local node to install the route in the routing table.

At area border an ABR can filter routes using

router ospf 10

area x filter-list out

only prefixes permitted by prefix-list are sent into area 0 if x is a non-zero area

Hope to help


Hello Duc

You can try configuring the Dealer network as Stubby or total Stubby routers.

this will automatically enable single network to be learned.

Thanks for all supports !!

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